PRS Members’ Fund 2021 Annual Report

We’re all aware of just how tough this past year has been, and the severe impact – financially and psychologically – on PRS songwriters and composers – many of whom are also performers and musicians.

The role of the Fund, as a charity for music creators, has now become more essential than ever to sustain their well-being. We do this through the provision of grants, information and signposting, as well as through our work with partner organisations.

Take a look at what we can offer and hear the stories of members we have helped. Our grateful thanks to our beneficiaries for allowing us to share their stories.

Support our work

The PRS Members’ Fund has been helping songwriters and composers in times of crisis since the 1930s, but we are only able to do this thanks to your generosity. By donating to us today you can help us to support songwriters and composers in times of need.

Every donation makes a difference. A donation as a one off amount, a
percentage of your PRS royalties or leaving a legacy in your will has a huge impact on how we can plan our services for the future. We will be happy to discuss the next steps with you if you would like to learn more.

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