The people that we work with inspire us every day.

PRS Members’ Fund supports people in many different countries to overcome the problems they face and, although there’s a lot more to be done, here are just a few people whose lives we have helped change.

Anthony Kavanagh
Singer and songwriter

After a triumphant career slowed down, Anthony found himself drinking, with addictions and was homeless. In desperate need he approached us to see if we could help. With our crisis fund we found him emergency accommodation in a bed and breakfast whilst he settled and got into rehab within a week. With our help and support he got away from an inevitable downward spiral that he was in. Anthony is 6 months sober and has regained his independence and self-esteem. He is currently assessing whether to go back into songwriting or to find a new career path.


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Kirsty Merryn
Folk musician composer

In need of space to re-find her creativity and to take a break from the pressures of everyday life which were becoming overwhelming, we helped Kirsty with obtaining a place on a retreat for musicians and songwriters which led her to go back to her career renewed.


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Jaelee Small
Singer and songwriter

We supported Jaelee with vocal therapy and surgery to repair her vocal chords which had hindered her career development, the help enabled Jaelee to return to her career of live entertainment singing.


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Shirley Collins MBE
Folk Singer

After retirement Shirley was in need of dental treatment, which beyond her very limited income and resources. We helped Shirley with the treatment which gave her the confidence to follow the renaissance she is currently experiencing.


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