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PRS Members’ Fund was formed in 1934 to support songwriters and composers during the Great Depression. Over 80 years later, we continue to be there for PRS members and their dependants in times of crisis.

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Supporting members in need since 1934

We all know the music business can be unpredictable and demanding, and even after periods of success it can be precarious with no guarantee of earnings. This means that when crisis hits such as illness, accident or emotional breakdown, there may be no safety net. We are here to provide support for PRS members, former members, and their immediate families in times of difficulty.

We can help with support and advice for those who need financial, physical or emotional help – whether you’re in crisis and in need of immediate support with financial help, housing, mental health or physical health issues or you’re finding yourself looking for career advice, counselling or coaching.

We’re here to help you get back on track, find your voice, and empower you to move forward with your career. We want to hear you… It’s your song, your music, your Fund.

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Our patrons

We are hugely grateful to all of our patrons who graciously offer their time and support to the PRS Members’ Fund.

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