January 14, 2021

Written by TeamSP


The people that we work with inspire us every day.

We love to hear from our beneficiaries, it’s our favourite thing!

The personal stories of those who have been affected by financial, physical or emotional  issues and who have benefitted from our support can be motivating for us and inspirational for those who are suffering during these uncertain times.

As part of our Success Stories section, we interviewed our beneficiary Justin Grant.

My names Justin Grant a singer-songwriter from Newry, Northern Ireland. 

I have been performing in public from the age of fifteen, formerly as the front man of the six-piece band “Sugar Island” and currently as a solo artist.   


Q. How did you hear about the PRS Members’ Fund?


I first heard about the PRS Members’ Fund online.  I am a member of PRS For Music and I saw this feature pop up that said, ‘if you are a musician struggling financially we’re here to help’ and I was one of those. So I plucked up the courage and strength to get in touch with the Fund.


Q. When did you first approach the Fund?


I first approached the Fund in February 2019. I couldn’t pay my rent and I just felt financially embarrassed at the time. I was selling my music equipment for money, living day to day it was rough and I had run out of road mentally and emotionally. I felt like a nutcase with a guitar case going no place.  I had always played pubs and clubs making a living as a musician, either strumming and singing cover songs or my own material. So I knew I had willpower, but I just felt like the fun was being sucked out of my funfair. I was living in a single room shared accommodation flat and just felt flat. 


Q. How has the Fund helped you and in what way did it change/improve your life?


PRS funding helped me clear away my rent arrears, which also got the cogs turning in regard to me opening up and getting honest about my thoughts and feelings – I was thinking and drinking heavily at the time.  My relationship with alcohol was like a dodgy friend, sometimes it’s good craic sometimes not so good. Alcohol either helped or hindered my life and I could escape with it, but now I’m finally learning how to face reality without it and that’s scary at times, but you got to learn how to be the best version of yourself warts and all.  So PRS Fund not only helped me with my financial problems, but it also put me in touch with a mental health advisor who was a huge help.

There’s no shame in admitting you have a problem. If you are sick, sore and tired of struggling financially and mentally as a musician, then the PRS Fund was made for you. So please do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


Q. How are things different now?


Today I have everything I need and more.

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