May 09, 2023

Written by TeamSP

Looking for time away from home?

Our Respite breaks scheme aims at PRS members who may be struggling financially and in need of space to create or find respite, kindly funded by the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust. We’re thrilled to announce we’ve received a new round of funding to pass on to PRS members, with applications now re-opened for 2023.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support received from the Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust as a resource to offer opportunities to eligible PRS members, (those who would not otherwise be able to afford to do so), to enjoy time away from home in order to rest, recuperate, research, work on their music and songs (alone or in collaboration), rehearse, or simply have a short break.

Should this be suitable for you, there are a number of options that could be applicable. Whether it’s a local retreat for yourself to write perhaps, a holiday space with your band or others to try new songs, or even a trip to somewhere more peaceful than your own home in order to work on your writing – whatever it may be, do get in touch to learn more.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Creative PRS professionals – such as songwriters, composers and musicians, who 1] produce new artistic work in a professional context, and 2] are in some degree of need – are eligible for assistance from the Fund.
  • Please note that grants are given to support residencies which could otherwise not be afforded.
  • Please note that our grant will only be used to cover board and lodging, it cannot go towards travel, studio hire or equipment purchase.
  • We can cover the cost of £85 – £100 per night for board/accommodation only.
  • The Fund is unable to give grants to artists who are not tax resident in the United Kingdom.
  • The Fund will not give grants to artists for stays at medical, nursing or dedicated convalescent homes, and artists requiring daily attention from health professionals will not be eligible. However, convalescent stays are otherwise acceptable.
  • The grant may not be used to cover any fees for an educational course, a seminar or conference. However, it may be used for artists or members of a group who wish to attend such an event, or to work, consult or study together, provided that the grant is only applied to the fees for accommodation and meals.

You’ll also be asked to fill out an application form and provide details of your potential trip. For more information please call on 020 3741 4067 or email us at [email protected].


Quotes from last year recipients:

“This has been an invaluable opportunity and experience for me! To be able to prioritise my well-being for a few days, and to give undivided attention to putting pen to paper for the first time in several years has been so energising, and has definitely restored some self-esteem and confidence in my project. Thank you so much!”

“I was finally able to relax and unwind after a very stressful time in my life, and I found it really helped me to write songs and express things that I needed to. I am writing regularly again now – with others and also on my own, and it really is helping me to do so. I also made some great new music contacts, who will be lifelong friends, colleagues and collaborators.”

“I have been really grateful to PRS Fund for stepping up and providing support at this time of complete personal and professional crises and for filling in the gap, especially when it helps you not only continue what you love to do, but actually, literally can be lifesaving and hope giving. Thank you!”

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