September 08, 2023

Written by TeamSP

Peer Support Group

We are delighted to announce a new online Peer Support Group exclusively for PRS and PCAM members!


Starting Monday 6th November, Tonic Rider in partnership with the PRS Members’ Fund, Society for Producers and Composers of Applied Music (PCAM) and Music Minds Matter, will be delivering a new online six-week Peer Support Group exclusively for PRS members who are also members of PCAM.


The Peer Support Group aims to support composers of applied music by providing an open space for them to share their experiences with fellow professionals, including:

  • Heavy pressure to deliver exceptional creative output in very short amounts of time

  • Budget pressures that can creative anxiety around earnings

  • Judgements on artistic output

  • Threat of technology looking over producers’ and composers’ future

  • Solitary working often leading to self criticism/isolation


Start date: Monday 6th November (Six-week group) Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm (Online).

To register your interest for this PRS / PCAM Peer Support Group, please click here.

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