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Why leave a gift in your Will?

Music is so important to all our lives. Without the creators behind the melodies and lyrics, where would we be?

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Music makes us feel better and plays a vital role in helping us stay positive, especially during difficult times. Legacies are vitally important and collectively help the Fund continue its work in supporting music makers.

We encourage PRS writers to make a Will so that their Estate, including any copyright interests and royalties, is distributed in accordance with their wishes and not left to the vagaries of intestacy law.

We want members to think about what happens to their copyrights and royalties on their death and after providing for family and friends perhaps consider leaving a gift to the PRS Members’ Fund to support our work and their fellow members who are suffering ill-health and financial hardship.

Together we can make a lasting impact and let your music live forever!

There are many was to support the fund through a legacy

Pecuniary gifts: a fixed sum of money.

Residuary gifts: a share of their estate.

Gift of royalties: members can leave any percentage of their PRS royalties to the Fund. It is also possible to leave MCPS and PPL earnings, publisher income, and other royalties.

Will writing notes, which deal specifically with bequests of royalties to the PRS Members’ Fund, are available on request. If you need help to find the wording you need to donate your future royalties, please contact us.

Why a gift of royalties is different?

The nature of a royalty bequest presents unique benefits for both the donor and the recipient.

Copyrights continue for 70 years after the death of the writer.

It is a heart-warming thought that years after death, a gift could buy a much-needed new pair of glasses for an elderly composer or pay rent arrears that stopped a struggling songwriter being evicted.

If you would like to know more about the impact you could have by leaving a gift to the PRS Members’ Fund in your Will or further information download our Make a Will guide.

“Thank you for your continued support, our work as musicians is important. It provides the soundtrack that recalls memories of better times and raises spirits in good times and bad, we share emotions when words cannot and pass stories through time that carry lessons we can revisit that are not concealed in books.”

Watch our Make A Will film with Angellica Bell

Making sure the people we love are taken care of after we die is something we all want to do.

But there’s something special about knowing your hard work will go on helping like-minded songwriters and composers – strangers you’ve never even met, long after you’ve gone.

Our make a will service to members

When making or updating your Will, we recommend you get professional advice from a solicitor.

“Make your Will For Good” – free and professionally drafted with our new partner Bequeathed. The simple way to make the right Will for you.

We all need an up-to-date Will, but it’s one of those jobs many of us put off. With Bequeathed, you can get started straight away. Just go online any time that suits you and follow the simple steps to create a draft Will.

A member of staff from one of their partner legal firms will then advise you in a free 30-minute appointment, in person or over the phone.

Once your Will is complete the firm will help you with getting it signed and witnessed.

There is never any charge for a standard Will, which is suitable for most people.

If your circumstances are complicated and you require further legal advice, the legal firm will explain what’s needed and give you a quote to consider.

Click here to start.

For more complex or international needs assistance can be provided by our partner media and entertainment law firm Simkins LLP.

Contact them at [email protected].

For further information regarding the Make A Will service, contact us at [email protected].

The Legacy Memorial

Tom Springfield

1934 – 2022

Tom Springfield was an English musician, songwriter and record producer who was prominent in the 1960s folk and pop music scene, and wrote hits including Georgy GirlA World Of Our OwnI’ll Never Find Another You and The Carnival Is Over.

When Tom passed away last July he bequeathed his future royalties to the PRS Members’ Fund to support the most vulnerable in the PRS community.

Watch our 1-min tribute to Tom’s generosity and please consider making a royalties’ bequest in your own Will.

Our pledge to you

Leaving a Gift in your Will is a special and personal decision. That is why we promise:

  • We will continue to offer financial and welfare support to PRS songwriters and composers and develop our services to meet our members’ needs.
  • We will use your gift wisely and cost-effectively so that it has the greatest impact for PRS songwriters and composers who suffer illness and hardship.
  • Any personal information that you choose to give us will be handled securely and confidentially. We will always respect your privacy – you choose the frequency and ways we can contact you.
  • Your contribution will not be forgotten. We will ensure our work continues to support songwriters and composers for generations to come.


  • Making a Will provides certainty regarding what happens to your property and possessions when you die. Having a valid Will in place ensures that your wishes are respected and that your loved ones can benefit from your property.

    If you die without a valid Will in place, then there are rules which will automatically decide how your estate will be distributed. These are known as the intestacy rules but these rules may not provide for the people or organisations that you wish to benefit from your estate.

    If you are based in an overseas jurisdiction then the prevailing rules will depend on the local laws and all relevant professional advice should be sought depending on your particular circumstances.

  • Anything that belongs to you, including physical possessions such as a house or land, personal possessions and money can be distributed under a Will. By making sure your Will is up-to-date and correctly drafted, you can ensure that such property is passed according to your intentions.

    Equally, it’s important to remember that a Will isn’t limited to the passing of physical or tangible property. Your rights in any songs or music recordings, royalty payments and other intellectual property can also be transferred by your Will, ensuring that their value passes to the people you wish to receive it.

  • Intellectual property is any creation of the mind and can include for example, songs, master recordings, and other literary, dramatic, or artistic works. Depending on the nature of the intellectual property, it can be protected by copyright, patents, design rights, or trademarks.

    Intellectual property is a commercial asset. This means it has value, can hold value, and can be transferred to a person of your choice under a Will. If you are a musician, businessperson, artist or creative, then intellectual property may well be a commercially important part of your Will. It may even be the most valuable part of your Will.

    Because intellectual property is a technical and complex concept, you need to make sure that your Will is clearly drafted and deals with all of the legal rights that may relate to your intellectual property.

  • Copyright is a legal right that protects your work. Copyright prevents people from copying your work and taking a share of its value, whether by distributing copies of your work, performing, showing or playing your work, adapting it, or putting it on the internet.

    Copyright exists from the moment of creation of sound and music recordings (and other literary, dramatic and artistic works).

    There are different forms of copyright, including, for instance, the copyright in a master recording, and the copyright in a song itself. Copyright can be valuable and can be included as part of your Will so as to provide for who should benefit from it after your death.

  • Copyright and intellectual property can be transferred in much the same way as any other property under a Will. Usually, and most simply, they would be transferred as a gift to the person or people you choose to benefit.

    However, it’s important that your Will is drafted with certainty in mind. Because copyright and intellectual property can be legally complex, it is important to make sure that any gifts or transfers are precisely worded, so that transfer can take place without scope for argument.

  • The royalties that you receive, or are due to receive, can be transferred under your Will. Royalty payments can be allocated to one person or can be split between multiple parties.

    In drafting your Will, you will need to be clear about which royalty payments go to who and any percentage distributions between each party.

    Royalty payments may be time-limited, and this should be considered when drafting your Will.

  • No. Royalty payments and the rights in the original work can be dealt with separately.

    If you have the rights to a work (e.g. the publishing rights to a song, or the rights to a master recording) then these rights can be gifted under your Will. As with any gift under a Will, you’ll need to ensure any provisions regarding the transfer of rights are drafted accurately.

    The royalties that you are entitled to as a result of the work can be thought of separately to the rights in the work itself. As a result, you would be free to allocate the rights in the work and the royalty payments to different people (or groups of people).

    Again, precision and certainty are key concepts in ensuring that the Will makes provision for the people you wish to benefit from your property. All relevant appropriate professional advice should be taken as this is a complex area.

  • As a registered charity we rely on the generosity of our supporters which is always greatly appreciated. If you are minded to do so there are a number of different ways that you could look to make provision for the PRS Members’ Fund. This is something that the Will writer will be able to discuss with you when you make your Will to consider the various options.

    When making or updating your Will it is recommended that you get professional advice from a solicitor. We are currently working with Will writing service Bequeathed and media and entertainment law firm Simkins LLP, to offer help to you, as a PRS member, on how to make a Will. Bequeathed provide a free Will writing service. Simkins LLP can offer legal guidance and Will preparation to those with international or more complex needs.

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