The help on offer from the Fund is expanding. We can provide grants and offer welfare support for financial, health, family and care-related needs.


Who is eligible?

We require that applicants have held PRS membership for at least seven years or have earned £500 in royalties for us to consider their request, having regard to individual circumstances.

We claim that we hear you, we’re here for you. Your Fund, for you. But what does this mean?

We listen. We respond. We try to ensure that the range of support on offer meets the current needs of members. Our service provision constantly evolves so that the grants on offer remain relevant and can support those suffering physical or mental health or financial difficulty in the most appropriate way.

To check full range of services available click here.

The Fund exists for PRS members, ex-members and their dependants.


Our Partner Organisations

– Mental health: Help Musicians’ Music Minds Matter

– Debt management: StepChange Debt Charity

– Housing: Shelter

– Physical health: BAPAM


Cost of living

Our support usually represents grants to cover general day-to-day living costs, but other areas of grant support include funeral costs, essential household repairs, replacement of white goods, arrears, winter fuel assistance for the vulnerable, and other emergency costs.

If you need financial help buying household or other essential items, please make sure that you apply to the Fund before you commit to making a purchase.


Winter Crisis Scheme

The PRS Members’ Fund is offering assistance to older PRS members or those who face financial hardship because of long-term illness and increases in fuel costs, and need help to meet the costs of home heating, or are struggling to meet typical household bills.

To find out more about how to apply and the eligibility criteria click here.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch at


Health and Well-being

Your health and well-being are important to us. We work with others to ensure that members have access to medical assessments and treatments, and we can fund the cost. We can provide grants for mobility equipment and home adaptations.

We put together some useful resources to support our members’ emotional well-being. Although there are many different resources out there, it can be hard to find what you need, or know how best to access the support available. Click here to find out more.


Tell other members 

With around 150,000 PRS for Music members in the UK and across the world, the number of members we could possibly help is huge. Contacting each and every one (even if GDPR regulations permit, which they don’t always) to let them know about the Fund would be a mammoth undertaking. The Fund provides a safety net for members in times of crisis. So please help us spread the word.


Emergency Relief Fund

Applications for the Emergency Relief Fund are closed.

We’re pleased to say that during the pandemic the Fund helped 5,000 songwriters and composers, with around £2.5m paid out in hardship grants.



We are able to help members and their families in genuine need thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Every penny donated goes towards grants and allow us to continue to deliver our work, especially during these exceptional times.

By choosing to donate to the Fund you’ll play an invaluable role in supporting music creators in times of need.

If you wish to donate to the PRS Members’ Fund, we accept online donations through JustGiving – click here.

If you would like to make a major donation or leave a legacy, visit and find out more on how support our work. We will be happy to discuss the next steps with you.

Need support?

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